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  • Career fair for capital region
    of Berlin & Brandenburg

    As part of the ┬╗Capital Career Days 2022┬ź

    The digital career fair of the capital region Candidate Journey will take place as part of the “Capital Career Days”, a series of events all about career and job entry for students and graduates in Berlin and Brandenburg. You can find more information about the entire theme week at

    At the Candidate Journey, attractive employers in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region will join students on a two-day digital journey through the working worlds of various companies, public authorities and administrations, scientific institutions and start-ups. If you are looking for your first job, an internship or a trainee position, or would like to work as a student trainee, then you too should take part in this journey.

    We would like to accompany you at the beginning of your personal candidate journey and support you in the selection of your dream job. Via 1:1 chats, video or voice calls you have the opportunity to get in personal contact with the contact persons of the exhibitors. Use these opportunities to ask questions and get a first impression that will help you find the right company. At the career fair, you can find out about company profiles and career opportunities, take the opportunity to talk to HR specialists about your career prospects and find out more in specialist forums, for example about starting salaries, labor law issues or a good work-life balance.

    Our digital career portal is similar to most websites – but there are a number of innovative and beneficial features for you. Since it is a purely browser-based tool, all you need is an Internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or similar), a stable Internet connection and headphones. The place from which you want to participate is therefore freely selectable. From on the road, from home or directly from the university – participation is possible from anywhere. All company profiles, consulting offers and live streams within the framework of the Candidate Journey can be accessed easily with a click and do not require any downloads.

    We leave it up to you to decide what you want to include in your profile. However, to gain access to the portal, you must create your own user profile. You can decide what data you want to enter and who can see it. The more detailed your profile is, the more precisely your qualifications and wishes can be matched with the exhibitor data and displayed to you according to relevance. Of course, you can also delete your data at any time!

    The Candidate Journey is already online two weeks before the event begins. This gives you the opportunity to arrange appointments with your preferred employers in advance. For technical or administrative questions, we have created an informative knowledge base, where most of your questions can certainly be answered.

    Of course, it’s up to you how prepared you start the career fair – you’re also welcome to drop by spontaneously and let yourself be pulled along by the action.

    So what exactly should you do,
    to find your dream job?

    • Proactively approach companies or let companies approach you. The choice is yours.
    • Create a user profile to make it easier for companies to find you.
    • Meet as many potential employers as possible in a short time and make a first selection.
    • Participate in the career fair from anywhere. Any device with a stable Internet connection allows you to participate.
    • Participation in the Candidate Journey is free of charge for you.

    If anything is not clear to you and you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at: We look forward to your participation and hope that we can accompany you on a small part of your candidate journey.
    Your Candidate Journey Team