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    The best employees for the best companies

    The Capital Region’s digital career fair Candidate Journey will take place as part of the “Capital Career Days,” a series of events focusing on career and job entry for students and graduates in Berlin and Brandenburg. The focus of the planned theme week is on securing and attracting qualified specialists for the capital region as well as the comprehensive presentation of opportunities for a successful start to professional life for young academics. Further information on the entire theme week can be found at

    The Candidate Journey will take place using the motto “The best employees for the best companies” as a digital career fair – with the goal: to provide demand-oriented support for your company, your state and federal agency, your scientific institution or your start-up in attracting skilled employees.

    Your participation in the Candidate Journey enables you to make direct contact with students and graduates from numerous universities and colleges in the two states of Berlin and Brandenburg. The focus of the offer is accordingly broad and includes not only economics and law, engineering and computer sciences, but also a variety of humanities and social sciences. A detailed company profile including job ad upload and the use of our active sourcing tool to proactively address your target group will ensure maximum success for your recruiting efforts.

    In light of the uncertain pandemic situation this coming fall, the digital event format of the Candidate Journey is a risk-free and sustainable way to secure your presence and reach your potential young professionals in a direct way.

    What advantages does the digital career fair Candidate Journey offer you?

    Efficiency & Presence

    • Present yourself within your detailed employer profile.
    • Upload your current job advertisements as early as two weeks before the event.
    • Using the matchmaking tool, participants can view your profiles & job offers according to relevance or search for them specifically using the filter system.
    • As a company, you can use the active sourcing tool to view the extensive profiles of all participants in advance, filter them according to target groups and categorize talents so that you can contact them directly during the career fair days.
    • See who is interested in your participation and has already viewed your job offers via the included statistics in your profile.

    Digital & intuitive

    • Reach your target group directly despite pandemic circumstances.
    • The online portal of the Candidate Journey is browser-based – only Internet access is required.
    • All functions can be used by exhibitors and participants via the platform without any further installations or downloads.
    • Reliable planning – fixed dates despite a possible increase in the number of infections and the associated restrictions, no risk of infection for exhibitors and participants.
    • The exhibitor profiles are easy to design and can be edited at any time. A help desk with our contact persons is available to assist you in all steps of your participation.


    • Whether from the office, home office, or another location, you can participate from anywhere and customize your consulting team to meet your needs.
    • No travel routes or costs.


    • Via 1:1 chat, video call and voice call. As a company, you decide whether you want to transition to a video meeting.
    • No downloads required, DSGVO-compliant.
    • Exhibitors can optionally introduce themselves in a presentation in our “DailyBusiness” via live stream.
    • Specialist speeches and consulting services are available to participants digitally live or subsequently on demand.

    Support before during and after the event:

    From registration to the evaluation of your participation in the Candidate Journey, the TUBS GmbH team is available to advise you. We support you step by step with all technical or organizational questions. If you wish, we can present the digital career fair “Candidate Journey” to you individually during a joint appointment. We look forward to supporting you in your search for specialist employees in line with our motto “The best employees for the best companies”.
    Your Candidate Journey Team